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Profile bending machine

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Profile bending machine is a curved 3-roll section bending machine and can pre-bend the section. Eagle bending machines mainly comprises a body, side rolls, a carrier roll, a transmission part, an electric part, a hydraulic system and dies.

All 3 rolls on section bending machine are driving rolls and are driven by hydraulic motors and gears. Both side rolls are hydraulically driven to move vertically and can rotate around a fixed axis to perform curved vertical moving. A carrier roll and a correcting guide roll are respectively arranged at both sides of the working roll to ensure quality of rolling section with asymmetric cross section (such as angle steel). It can roll various sections including U-beam, angle steel, flat steel, circular tube, square tube, etc.

Bending machine is divided into two horizontal and vertical axis, according to the different layout can be divided into the upper and lower adjusting mode, it is the advanced machine bending Aluminum Alloy profile, flat steel, round steel, Fang Gang, angle steel, I steel, H steel, square tube, rectangular tube, pipe section. Different moulds can be customized according to user's requirements. The 4 rollers are driven rolls with 4 independent hydraulic motors. Roll system, high speed, high accuracy.

Profile bending machine can be finished on the material at one time, the winding circle and the round process; the structure of the profile bending machine is advanced and the function is full, which can be put or lying in accordance with the user's use.

Section Bending Machine is the 21st century more advanced profile molding equipment, is widely used in automobiles, elevators, petroleum, chemical industry, steel structure, machinery manufacturing and other industries all kinds of round flange production.


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